About Us

SalahTimes is a unique site which allows you to access prayer times for town and cities located in Europe, USA, Canada, India and Pakistan.
Take a look at some of the unique features of SalahTimes:

  • We have records of all the major areas within Europe, USA, Canada, India and Pakistan.
  • SalahTimes automatically takes into account the daylight saving time and adjusts the times accordingly.
  • SalahTimes can calculate prayer times using the various standards adopted by the different organisations.
  • Viewing prayer times is as easy as locating a place and searching for a place.
  • Prayer times can be downloaded into different formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF and viewed on your tablet, PC or smartphone.
  • All places have an Rss feed.
  • Get more information on answers to the common questions that we get asked.
If you have any further comments or suggestions then please contact us.